Estimating the Cost of Caregiving

Estimating the Cost of Caregiving The impacts to both familiar and professional caregivers providing care to PwPD and others suffering from neurological diseases and disorders are significant. Stress, depression, missed social opportunities along with personal expenses and lost wages cumulatively take a toll. To effectively support professional caregivers, we need to measure these impacts carefully. […]

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Nervous System Disorders Leading Burden

Nervous system disorders the world’s leading cause of disease burden A major new analysis by the US-based Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) has found that conditions affecting the nervous system, such as strokes, migraines, and dementia, have surpassed heart disease as the leading cause of ill health worldwide. Over 43 percent of the

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Local Collaborations

Local Collaborations Quadralynx scientists have convened with leading professors and research scientists at the Universities of Idaho, Washington State, Gonzaga, and Arizona State to learn about the latest microelectronics technology for integration with our devices. The advisory team includes international experts on device configuration, ioT (Internet of Things) integration, Cloud fleet management, energy management, and

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WEAR Conference

WEAR Conference 2023 Epilogue

WEAR Conference 2023 Epilogue R&D engineers from Quadralynx were at the WEAR Conference at the Marriot Marquis in San Diego in December 2023. They met with manufacturers, researchers, government contractors, AI and smart wearable experts, and technology leaders. Some Quadralynx products were presented to others in the industry to build better products and integrate the

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WEAR Conference

WEAR Conference 2023

WEAR Conference 2023 We will be attending the premier wearables conference this year. The annual WEAR Conference examines the significant breakthroughs and new opportunities made possible through the integration of textiles and technology through wearables. This event regularly brings together key players from across the smart fabrics, e-textiles, and wearable tech marketplace to hear the

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Butler Technologies

Butler Technologies Butler Technologies, a premier engineering and design-driven manufacturer of printed electronics and wearable biometric sensors has agreed to partner with Quadralynx to develop Quadralynx’s novel wearable microelectronic technologies for People with Parkinson’s Disease (PwPD) and other neurological disorders. “We strongly support Quadralynx and its efforts to develop and commercialize their biofeedback system and

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