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Butler Technologies

Butler Technologies Butler Technologies, a premier engineering and design-driven manufacturer of printed electronics and wearable biometric sensors has agreed to partner with Quadralynx to develop Quadralynx’s novel wearable microelectronic technologies for People with Parkinson’s Disease (PwPD) and other neurological disorders. “We strongly support Quadralynx and its efforts to develop and commercialize their biofeedback system and …

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Patent Comes Home

Patent Comes Home Exciting times. As of today, Quadralynx’s first patent which was initially published a few years ago and assigned to Washington State University was recently re-assigned to the Company. We are expecting to file four new patents this next year to cover all of the new intellectual property associated with our technologies.

Dr. Subhanshu Gupta

Dr. Subhanshu Gupta We are very fortunate to have Dr. Subhanshu Gupta join Quadralynx to help us develop some of our novel technologies. An Associate Professor in School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at Washington State University, Pullman, Dr. Gupta¬† received his Ph.D. from the University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA in 2011 and …

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